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As a business owner, you are very passionate about what you do. However, you have to wear several "hats" to keep your business fully operating. Sometimes doing the necessary day-to-day tasks takes away from what you would prefer to be doing and what you're best at.



  • Be able to focus on the FUN that brought you to this business.

  • Gain more audience exposure.

  • Stand out from the competition.

  • Develop closer relationships with your most loyal customers.

  • Translate marketing into ROI.


By partnering with Creative Custom Marketing, you are able to add a marketing guru to your team. Rather than placing your business into a cookie cutter with a "one size fits all" marketing approach, your business's actual needs and goals become the driving force behind the marketing plan.

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Thank you for contacting Creative Custom Marketing!

  • #1 GOAL = To help your business succeed!

  • Promote your business to your ideal customer

  • Not “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all”

  • Incredible value and competitive pricing boost ROI

  • Able to work with clients of any industry, size, or USA location

  • Reliable and skilled marketing strategist

  • Build deeper relationships with existing customers

  • Custom tailored marketing approach to serve your unique needs and goals

  • Exceptional branding strategy that sets you apart from your competition

  • Each project/package is custom quoted to keep your costs down

  • Broad range of marketing services designed to create exposure to potential customers

Benefits to Your Business


ANGELA KELLY serves her clients by offering creative insight on business development and branding strategy. With her detail and goal-oriented skills, she specializes in various aspects of business marketing in print, online, visual, and consultative forms. She is passionate about working with businesses to provide insight on opportunities, enhance their exposure, and help them reach their unique goals. Having a “Golden Rule” philosophy, Angela believes in providing outstanding service, timely communication, meeting deadlines, and creating personal relationships.

EXPERIENCE - With nearly two decades of experience, her comprehensive branding expertise allows her to unite with your business' team, providing a “40K foot view” to broad brand planning strategy, and also provide the nitty-gritty ground level attention to detail to ensure each project, big and small, is done with excellence. She provides innovative product/service branding, research, and promotion to ensure that your brand is exposed to a target audience through omni-channel marketing.


INSPIRATION - Growing up with a father who was an entrepreneur, Angela always heard how the greatest career ambition is to become a business owner. As a naturally creative and social person, even at a young age she aspired to work with other people who also share an entrepreneurial spirit, providing marketing strategies for small businesses. Since then, that dream has grown into what is now Creative Custom Marketing. She has assisted companies in various industries such as medical, financial, legal, real estate, navigation, technology, analytical, retail, restaurant, packaged foods, emergency management, event planning, construction, cosmetology, education, churches, and political campaigning fields.

TRAINING - Angela graduated Cum Laude from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship & Business Development concentrating on Marketing, Bachelors in Finance, and minor in Studio Arts concentrating on Graphic Design. She was acknowledged as UNCW's Outstanding Graduate and presented the Chancellors Achievement Award. During her time at UNCW, she was able to fully fund her education through three different entrepreneurial ventures. Many years of managing businesses has provided a deeper understanding on client relationships, finances, and the importance of proper business exposure. She believes in continuing education and staying current with ever-changing industry trends.

PASSION - Angela loves spending time with her husband and two children. During her free time, Angela enjoys being creative, painting, teaching art to children, photography, reading, volunteering in her community, serving at church, traveling to new destinations, gardening, and spending time exploring outdoors.


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