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Marketing Packages

Build your own comprehensive monthly marketing package.

Your marketing package will save you time, keep your marketing budget at a reliably low rate, create easy budgeting, and ensure that your business has consistent audience reach with top quality branding and omni-channel exposure. Boost your ROI, and let us handle the marketing.

Choose what meets your company’s unique goals to create your package. There are 4 standard packages, but customized plans are also available upon request. Whichever plan you choose, you can have a exclusively low prices and a locked in discount during your contracted agreement, with up to 20% off our already competitive pricing. Contact us for price quotes.

DISCOUNT STRUCTURE is based on contract's time commitment: 

6 months = 5% off,   12 months = 10% off,   18 months = 15% off,   24+ months = 20% off

NOTE: Below are package examples, and numbers expressed are for demonstration purposes only.

2022 Monthly Marketing Services - Agressive Package.jpg
2022 Monthly Marketing Services - Moderate Package.jpg
2022 Monthly Marketing Services - Conservative Package.jpg
2022 Monthly Marketing Services - Modest Package.jpg


Payments are nonrefundable. If Client hires services through MARTKET DESIGN LLC  (Creative Custom Marketing), Client demonstrates agreement to these terms.
Digital credit card payments may be accepted. Invoices are processed through Square. If Client chooses to pay via credit card, the Client is responsible for paying Square’s credit card processing fee (up to 4% of invoice value).


For individual project-based services, upfront payment is required: 50% deposit for projects greater than $500, or full payment for services under $500. By the time service is completed, full payment must be received. Any payment more than 30 days late from completion date may result in a 10% monthly fee. Payments are nonrefundable. For ongoing services, MARTKET DESIGN LLC  reserves the right to alter prices if service structure changes. Designs may include up to 2 rounds of minor revisions; additional revisions or full redesigns (AKA “do-overs”) are subject to $100 hourly service fee. Branding and consulting fees are $100 per hour. Prices listed in this statement are locked in for 30 days and may fluctuate after.

For Monthly Management services, full payment is due up front at the beginning of the month prior to services being rendered. Payments arriving more than 30 days from their due date (on 1st of each month) are subject to a 10% late fee. In the event of a service not being rendered during its billed month, the value will roll forward as a credit to be redeemed the following month. For ongoing monthly services, if Client chooses to discontinue their monthly discounted service package, 6 months notice is required to be submitted to MARTKET DESIGN LLC. If Client discontinues service prior to an agreed upon term or without 6 months notice, the sum of the monthly discounts offered up until the cancelation date will be due on the date of cancelation (minimum 6 month sum of discounts, unless service term was less than 6 months). Cancelation must be put in writing, accompanied by cancelation fee, if applicable. Additional service projects not included in the Monthly Marketing Agreement will be billed at its regular rate and not a discounted rate. Monthly marketing service fee to MARTKET DESIGN LLC  covers labor and strategy. Third party printing expenses, software, materials, and external advertising fees are to be paid by Client.

All creative work designed by MARTKET DESIGN LLC  is legally protected by copyright from theft or willful misuse; however the hired creative work is fully available for your business use after final payment is received. Any creative work offered by MARTKET DESIGN LLC  is not to be duplicated/sold without prior approval and/or payment. Once full payment has been received, if Client opts to trademark any of their branding materials designed by MARTKET DESIGN LLC, it is the Client’s responsibility, and no obligation of MARTKET DESIGN LLC. Written/graphic content on marketing pieces is to be provided by and/or approved by Client before being published. If any content errors occur, it is the responsibility of the Client to address such errors prior to publishing. Marketing services by MARTKET DESIGN LLC  are made in good faith, using verbiage and graphics requested and/or supplied by Client. The creative works by MARTKET DESIGN LLC  are to be used by Client for their intended purpose. Client vows to hold MARTKET DESIGN LLC  blameless from any event that may occur during or after service. MARTKET DESIGN LLC  is to be held blameless and accepts no liability for any negligence by Client or perceived misunderstanding.

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