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Company Email Accounts

So you have a website? Great! Make an even stronger impact by having a professional email account linked to your website's domain. Example:


  • Have multiple email accounts for each of your employees, with their own email address and password, but with one cohesive domain linked to your website.

  • Example: info@, services@, management@, Kelly@, etc...

  • Powered by Google with 24/7 access.

  • 30GB of memory per email address.

  • Easily connect to Google+ social media pages.

  • Collaborate as a team with Google Drive file storage.



Be sure to enhance your brand by having a matching email signature for each email address with Letterhead Services.

  • Logo, brand colors, company fonts

  • Employee's name and title/position

  • Contact information

A few examples of Email Signature Banners:

Sunshine Email Signature
8th Wonder Email Campaign Banner
Nixon Contracting Email Signature Banner
Exclusively Carolina Gifts
Email Signature Banner - Clear Track Ahead
8th Wonder Global Flavor
mARTket Design
Safety & Mobility 360
BugaBoo Gifts
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