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Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that your IDEAL CUSTOMER is already searching for you?
Help them find a great solution to their need - your business.



  • 10 Keyword Optimization 

  • Internal SEO on Website

  • External SEO on Listing Sites

  • Incentivize positive customer reviews

  • Toolbox Access

  • Listing Sync

  • Review Generation and Monitoring

  • Google MB Opt.

  • Content Articles

  • Service Page Creation 


  1. Your ideal customer is already looking for your products or services. SEO just helps them find you – the solution to their need.

  2. For a majority of people, search engines are the first place people look. It is the most popular tool used to decide on a company before making a purchase. 

  3. Studies show you are 5 times more likely to gain site traffic if your website places in the Top Ten for search engines, social media sites, and Amazon.

  4. Being ranked above your competition sends customers to you more often than to them. If for no other reason, SEO is important to simply avoid serving your ideal customer to your competitor on a silver platter.

  5. An updated website boosts your credibility. Having a website that is easy to navigate and easy to find assures your customer that your company and products/services are legitimate.

  6. BEST of ALL! SEO is beneficial to all industries! Not only do sales-based companies benefit from strong SEO, but anyone who would gain from being promoted.

  7. Although SEO can take time, it can have great ROI, because your business is being sought after by individuals who are ready and willing to act on a particular need. 

SEO Building Pieces
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