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Company blogs and email campaigns are an essential way to share valuable content with your customers, fans, team, and overall audience. Distributing a well-written article with useful information will ensure you keep "top of mind awareness" for your company, establish a reputation as an "industry thought leader", boost SEO rankings for your website, and most importantly can increase ROI with a strong call to action. We can research the content, write the article for you, design the graphics, and ensure your blog and email campaign get out to the right people.

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Establishing credibility as an industry thought leader

  • ARTICLES: 1-2 Blog articles per month 

  • CREATION: Develop copy, photography, blog formatting, design graphics, & keyword tags to boost SEO

  • AUTHORSHIP: Articles can either be ghost-written as if it came from the company or authored by a staff member (w/ grammatical edit service)

  • SOCIAL: Unique URL link with graphics that can be shared across social media platforms

  • BENEFITS: Always accessible on your website, so audience can refer back to each article for years to come


Connecting with subscribers & solidifying your message

  • ARTICLES: 1-2 Articles (from blog) per month delivered as an email newsletter 

  • CREATION: Develop copy, photography, email formatting, design graphics, coupon codes for ecommerce shopping, promo design

  • AUTOMATION: Create branded automatic emails for quick follow up

  • SOCIAL: Many e-campaigns have a social share feature. All emails can be forwarded directly by recipients to their contacts.

  • BENEFITS: Targeted to specific marketing lists with a timely message, sales promotion, or useful article

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